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Fuchshofer Präzisionstechnik GmbH!



CNC manufacturing

We manufacture precision components from aluminium, hardened steels, nickel, chrome and titanium alloys as well as plastics using state-of-the-art lathes and machining centres for 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling.



Ultrasonic machining is used for advanced materials such as ceramics, composites, hard metal, quartz glass, Zerodur or sapphire. Thanks to our innovative 5-axis machines, we can drill, grind and mill - all on one machine.


Additive manufacturing

Highly complex components - which are all but impossible to produce using conventional methods - are made possible with laser sintering. Metal powder is melted layer upon layer with a laser beam. Additive manufacturing is often referred to as 3D printing and is known for its impressive versatility.


Mechanical engineering

We develop and manufacture custom machining equipment for our customers. We are on hand to offer expertise and support from the development phase and throughout. If required, we can also manage the installation of entire assemblies.

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