Fuchshofer Advanced
Manufacturing FAM GmbH

Our subsidiary company, Fuchshofer Advanced Manufacturing - FAM GmbH, has also been manufacturing components using an additive manufacturing process, since 2017.

Together with partner companies such as metal powder manufacturer AMP, the research centre Joanneum Research and the Institute for Manufacturing Technology at Graz University of Technology, we develop and manufacture highly complex precision components using selective laser melting.

3D-Metal printing Selective
Laser Melting


What is the selective laser melting process?

In selective laser melting (SLM), metal powder is applied layer by layer based on CAD data and melted with a laser beam. Each additional layer of metal powder is fused with the layer below. This process, often referred to as 3D printing, allows for the particularly efficient and versatile production of highly complex components. One of the benefits of additive production is that it is also possible to avoid material waste - which not only reduces costs, but also weight.

More about 3D-Metal printing: www.fam-3d.at


Numerous different metal powders are suitable for additive manufacturing. More information on these materials, their properties and applications can be found here.

Maraging steel MS1

Material type: 18Mar300/1.2709
eg. for Tool making (injection moulding tools), Mechanical engineering ,...

Stainless steel 316L

Material type: 1.4404 / UNS S31673
eg. for Medical technology (endoscopy and orthopaedics), Aerospace (support structures, clamps), Jewellery production )

Stainless steel CX

Material type: Werkzeugstahl
eg. for Tool making (injection moulding tools), Mechanical engineering

Titanium Ti64

Material type: Ti6AI4V Leichtmetall
eg. for Aerospace (functional prototypes and standardised parts) Motor sports and automotive industry

Titanium Ti64ELI

Material type: Ti6AI4V ELI
eg. for Medicine (implants) and medical technology

Aluminium AlSi10Mg

Material type: AISi10Mg Leichtmetall
eg. for Mechanical engineering, Motor sports and automotive industry, Aerospace

Unlimited design possibilities

Where machining technology reaches its limits, additive manufacturing comes into its own: Even the most complex work pieces with integrated shapes or internal structures can be made as one single piece using 3D metal printing. Additive manufacturing is clearly superior to conventional technologies when it comes to prototype construction or the production of urgently needed spare parts, in particular.

Learn more about the advantages of additive manufacturing here www.fam-3d.at

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